A disciple by definition is to be a “student” or a “follower.” Jesus called men and women into relationship with Him and they become his disciples. Within the Scripture we find that Jesus also called 12 men to be close to Him; these men are often referred to as “The Disciples.” Jesus Himself, wrote no books or letters. However, as He poured His life and teaching into these men and the circle of women who accompanied them, Jesus began a movement that has transformed thousands of lives.

Origin is not interested in having disciples of Origin. Rather we are interested in having disciples of Jesus.  Jesus commands His disciples to “Go and make disciples, baptizing them… and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” We desire for every person to work out what it means to follow Jesus and receive His grace in community.

When we envision the disciple we go back to Jesus’ original invitation. “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19)  From this clear and powerful invitation we observe three truths:  1. “Come follow me.” Disciples follow Jesus. The orientation of a Christian is to know and be in relationship with the Living Lord.

  1. “I will make you.” Disciple are being changed by Jesus. Jesus works through His Word and the Holy Spirit to change people’s lives.

  2. “Fishers of men.” Disciples are involved in Jesus’ mission. Jesus invites and equips every follower to be a part of His mission of loving people and establishing His loving rule and reign in their lives.

We believe that as we grow in our relationship with Jesus, He will shape us to be purposefully and uniquely involved in the lives of others so that they also grow as disciples.  Our ministry as followers of Jesus flows out of our on-going experience of His love and turns into love for God and love for people.

We believe that each person who follows Jesus is to make a contribution toward disciple-making. Origin, Born for More wants to help people become disciple makers. If you would like to learn more about the Disciple Stages you can email us or download the free app: DiscipleMaker Stages.


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