History — Original Gratitude

They’ve got history. Does hearing this spark curiosity? It does in me. Well, what is this history? Psalm 136 started with a call to thank God, moved into thanking Him for creation, and then the psalmist thanks God for His activity in the history of Israel. Now if you know the back story of some […]

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All Creation Declares His Glory – Thanksgiving

Once while travelling in the car with a toddler whose parents were teaching baby sign, we enjoyed a glorious sunset out the window. The child got so excited that she began signing, “More, more . . .”  Nature’s beauty reveals our Heavenly Father’s character, and our spirit can cry “More, more . . .” Does […]

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Thank God!

“Thank God !”   How many times a day do you hear someone say this? The ubiquitous expression can feel ironic in our world when it feels like not many people actually thank the Lord for life.   This is the season that we pay attention to what we have to be thankful for, bask […]

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Mission & Belonging: Rob’s Story

Rob Ferguson attended UBC this last year to fulfill a requirement for his international business major. He grew up in a Christian family who live in Hereford, England, but he had chosen to walk away from Christ and Christian community. Part of his plan for moving to Vancouver was to do “Christian stuff” once he […]

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Jump Start Your Church Commitment

Jumping into life in your new University community can be exciting and intimidating. We’ve learned that when moving to a new place its tempting to leave our engagement in church community as a “I will get to it someday” kind of thought. But getting involved with a church on campus could be one of the […]

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